Here, you can find my past journal articles and publications at international conferences.





Martin Feick, Anthony Tang, and Scott Bateman
Mixed-Reality for Object-Focused Remote Collaboration
In UIST 2018: Proceedings of the 31st ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium. Berlin, Germany, 2018. Poster

Martin Feick, Lora Oehlberg, Anthony Tang, André Miede, and Ehud Sharlin
The Way You Move: The Effect of a Robot Surrogate Movement in Remote Collaboration
In HRI 2018: Proceedings of the Companion of the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. Chicago, Illinois USA, 2018. Late-Breaking-Report

Martin Feick, Terrance Mok, Anthony Tang, Lora Oehlberg, and Ehud Sharlin
Perspective on and Re-Orientation of Physical Proxies in Object-Focused Remote Collaboration
In CHI 2018: Proceedings of the 2018 SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM. Montréal, Québec Canada. Full paper
       Best Paper Honorable Mention Award





Martin Feick (Bachelor’s Thesis)
Implementing a Humanoid Tele-Robotic Prototype for Investigating Issues in Remote Collaboration
Saarland University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Location: University of Calgary (Canada). 2017
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Anthony Tang and Prof. Dr. André Miede
   poster    Award FBTI Award of Excellence – Best Bachelor Thesis (Annual award given to one student in Germany)



Martin Feick, and André Miede
Roboter gestützte Kommunikation für räumlich getrennte Personen
In sichtbar 2018 (Germany)

Student Conferences:


Martin Feick, Niko Kleer, and Marek Kohn
Fundamentals of Real-Time Data Processing Architectures Lambda and Kappa
In INFORMATIK 2018: Gesellschaft für Informatik.. Berlin, Germany, 2018. Full paper
pdf  conference